Ceilidh 2020

The ringers' 4th annual Burns night event was held on Saturday 25th January, with the proceeds going to their Bells Maintenance Fund.


Tower Captain, Meg Morton, said: “The ceilidh was a huge success, selling out its 150 tickets well beforehand. We don’t have the final total but the amount raised was not far short of £2,000".

“Thanks to everyone who came for supporting us so generously, and special thanks to the Parish Church for letting us use its wonderful space. The music was provided and dancing called by Village Hop and a very tasty haggis supper prepared by members of the bellringers’ band and friends, with beer brewed by Paul Briscoe and the haggis rung in on handbells by colleagues from Ilkley Parish Church.”

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Jamie's first quarter peal

Congratulations to the tower's youngest ringer, Jamie Ross, on the successful completion of his first quarter peal on 29th October 2019! 

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Otley's Parish Church bellringer rings after her own wedding 

Suzanne Phillipson climbed the spiral stairs in her wedding dress to ring with the rest of the band. 

   She learned to ring last year in time to join the band on Remembrance Sunday for the commemoration of the end of World War I, after hearing in The Archers programme on Radio 4 about a project inviting new ringers to make up for the 1,400 lost in action during the hostilities.  This total was nearly doubled, Suzanne and another recruit, Richard Bowman, helping to boost that number when they learned to ring at Otley.

    Suzanne and her husband James Yates were played out of the church to the theme tune from the Archers, and the bellringers also included an 'Archers Change' in their ringing as the couple left the church. Photos by Simon Carey. 

90th birthday celebratory peal

Jeffery Cooper is a regular at Otley All Saints practice evenings and event ringing. To celebrate the occasion of his recent 90th birthday, Jeffery rang a peal - 5056 Plain Bob Major. It was a double celebration as Otley ringer Julia Thornely successfully completed her first peal. We also celebrated Jeffery's birthday with a gathering in the Old Cock pub, Otley

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Jeffery peal aged 90.PNG